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The unheard voice of infertility: A Latina’s story

(CNN) – My mother, a Cuban immigrant, had three expectations of me as a child:  To graduate from college, get married and become a mother. So far, I have fulfilled two of them. I became a high school teacher and a wife, but at 40-years-old have yet been able to conceive a child. It is an awful predicament to experience: the stigma of infertility plus the expectations - from my Latino family and community– to become a mother. Being the only Latina in your family without children makes you feel ashamed and isolated.  Watching your friends experience the joy of motherhood leaves you feeling empty and forgotten. As a Latina isn’t it my God-given right to be a mami?

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I go through the same thing not to have children at least you know that you're the one with the problem but in my case is not who the of the problem and is a distress each month wait for my wife is pregnant and see that nothing happens

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