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Why the Liberal American Woman is the problem

Carli eli

Weeks from a crucial presidential election there’s no question that the women’s vote will have a major impact in deciding who’s our next commander-in-chief. The preposterous, laughable and embarrassing dialogue about the war against women is an insult to the many women around the world who are constantly fighting for their rights or for their lives. At the Democrat National Convention, the obsession with birth control, abortion and the uterus were the staples of the convention’s platform that brought many viewers, including myself wondering who are these women and where are their values?  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/dnc-2012-sandra-flukes-speech-at-the-democratic-national-convention-full-text/2012/09/05/891a642a-f7ac-11e1-8253-3f495ae70650_story.html There’s no doubt in my mind, that most of these women who care so much about their uteruses now, didn’t care so much when they philandered their way all throughout college and during their 30s too. Trust me, I remember those college days well and believe me when I tell you a lot of these “ladies” try their hardest to delete those memories from their past by trying to rebuild themselves in the present. Have you ever heard the phrase “a tiger can’t change his stripes?” For a lot of them, well this is true.

If the “uterus” is the common theme to alarm women to get out the vote or at least get them riled up, how about we focus on the numerous women who are victims of rape in South Africa, victims of the sex slave trade in Asia and victims of female genital mutilation in Egypt?  My friends, this is the real war against women and I hope to God these victims never read, hear or watch our ludicrous version of this “war” because its offensive and disrespectful to their trials and tribulations.

The era of the liberal American woman took shape in our country’s politics nearly fifty years ago and its negative repercussions of this movement still affects us today. Promiscuity has replaced decency, sassy has replaced classy and being liberal in every sense of the word is accepted, endorsed, promoted and celebrated because being a conservative will get you expelled from today’s society.  If our family values have diminished, if the divorce rate has escalated exponentially and if fidelity has become a rarity then look no further in putting most of the blame on the liberal, American woman.  It’s no surprise why American women are classified as “easy, selfish and mischievous” overseas.   http://www.examiner.com/article/stereotypes-the-easy-american-girl


When you have TV shows like Sex and the City, The Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives displaying and glorifying women’s behavior without compunction it sends a negative image about our society and sets the example for others to emulate. Just the other day as I was browsing for books at Target, I noticed the very liberal, unhappy, used and abused, alcoholic Chelsea Handler whose books on the shelf promoted her collection of one-night stands.  I immediately thought to myself, what message is she sending to other women or young girls? Do we ever have a liberal woman admitting and regretting her reckless past with the hopes of encouraging other women to not do the same? It’s safe to say the answer is “no” and what worries me the most is that this type of behavior is setting people up to expose themselves into a world of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, unwanted abortions in addition to the damage against the woman’s body and spirit. Why aren’t we protecting that? Two weeks ago, I was verbally attacked by two liberal feminists wearing Code Pink t-shirts because I was distributing Romney bumper stickers at a street festival with my fellow volunteers and I wondered to myself why are they so angry and aggressive? I didn’t let them get to me in fact I told them “have a great day and God bless you!” and then I continued with my task for the remainder of the event. Growing up in a very liberal city like New York with a high population of liberal women is the main reason why I left New York three years ago.  At first, liberal women come across as independent, successful, intelligent, opinionated and self-reliant but once I started finding out who they really are I soon discovered a side of them that led me to question whether or not I wanted to have them as a friend, acquaintance or colleague.  Of course we all have different upbringings, cultures, languages, backgrounds but no matter how different everyone’s lives might be the one thing that usually doesn't falter are the person’s values and I was looking for people whose values closely matched mine. When I saw and heard liberal women expressing their disdain towards marriage, relationships, men and children I immediately begged to differ and for doing so I became a victim of their hurtful vitriol.

When I saw their obsession and worship towards their careers, corner offices, six-figure salaries, designer clothes and lofts instead of their parents, partners, spouses, friends and children that is when I decided to abandon ship. From personal experience, women whose values reflected the statements above were not the best wives or the best mothers because they lacked the patience, the compromise and most importantly the love that glued their family together. Their complaints and resentments as to why their children loved the nanny more or why their husbands gave them the cold shoulder when they arrived home late at night became the common rhetoric from the water cooler to the hallway.  For far too long our society has been taught to believe that being liberal is the ideal way of living one’s life but what they fail to recognize is that in the real world most conservatives live a happier, longer, prosperous, balanced life because our moral compass points due north most of the time.

Recently, a political ad supporting Obama was launched and Hollywood liberals like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Julianne Moore urged voters to support Obama because he supports women’s rights. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/beyonce-jennifer-lopez-support-president-obama-in-new-campaign-video-2012210 Although I admire their passion for the president and their talent on the big screen, I do not take them or their message seriously. Why you may ask? In my opinion, a person with weak values and character in my book has minimum credibility and influence to convince me about any particular issue. When you have Jennifer Lopez who’s been engaged four times and then invites a boy toy into her home weeks after her divorce, when you have egocentric, materialistic, out-of touch with reality Eva Longoria, when you have Julianne Moore saying that a Republican in office will “set different opportunities and rights for her daughter” represents cynicism at its finest!  Instead of shopping at Rodeo Drive, dining at the Ivy or wearing couture that’s worth more than someone’s rent or mortgage in this country then perhaps they have earned the right to be listened to with veracity and empathy. At the end of the day whether a Republican or Democrat wins in November, these millionaire actresses will not be affected and they will carry on to their next script, concert, record or shopping spree. In our celebrity saturated star-struck society, it’s unfortunate that we look up to these icons for inspiration and enlightenment when we should be looking towards our communities and looking at ourselves in the mirror instead. We all have God-given talents and we all have a purpose to make a positive contribution to this world and as a conservative woman our contribution can be a lot greater when the human heart, body and spirit are connected and balanced simultaneously. If we want to see happier children, spouses, family and friends then it is our duty and obligation to prioritize our values and fulfill them through our words and actions. 

“Woman is the salvation or destruction of the family. She carries its destinies in the folds of her mantle”- HENRI-FREDERIC AMIEL, journal, Dec. 11, 1872

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