Latina Training

Latinas have a long history of dealing constructively with whatever life brings their way – skills that they bring with them when they enter the workplace. What is required for leaders and organizations to access the talent Latinas bring to work? There is much to be done to remove barriers that have hindered the full participation of Latinas at the higher levels of organizational leadership. There are also ways that Latinas need to recognize the uniqueness of their experiences, identify their culturally influenced abilities and be able to strategically manage through the minefields of corporate America. Latinas continue to step more fully into prominence as organizational and societal leaders.

Our training programs are designed for professional Latinas who are interested in more fully accessing their authentic talents and achieving greater career success on their own terms. Consistent with the philosophy of CHL, Latinas have a wealth of passion, entrepreneurial spirit and generosity to offer to organizations smart enough to fully leverage these characteristics. In a highly interactive setting, participants will systematically explore their work lives with emphasis on managing their personal employee brands to their greatest advantage. Particular attention will be paid to how CHL's Six Characteristics that define Hispanic Leadership apply directly to the lives of Latinas and how they can be more fully utilized to guide their movement toward advancement and success in any context.

Featured Workshop Program:

Latina Advancement in the Workplace: Redefining Success and Achieving Our Cultural Promise

In the company of other Latinas, this workshop will support attendees in utilizing the lived experiences and strategies of other women. They will also receive relevant information based on current research findings about the unique life conditions, career paths and leadership development of Latinas. Prior to the workshop itself, participants will be provided
with pre-session activities designed to accelerate their learning and enhance their ongoing career success. Each Latina will also conduct an individualized organizational assessment to identify the challenges and business opportunities unique to her particular situation.

Participants will walk away from the session with concrete action plans and skills that will insure follow-through on their commitments and ongoing advancement toward their personal and professional goals. All of these activities will lead them to be able to achieve their cultural promise and more fully contribute to their own career success and provide strategic benefits to their organizations.

To begin to assess your Latina Leadership, please take the Hispanic Leadership Assessment today!

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